Concerning the miniature study of the insignificant little things – The Caspian Sea project:

One morning the word ’coffin’ surfaced. I suddenly realised that the boxes i have made for my trivial things are just that. Coffins. I have put the things in eight boxes – not for an exhibition but for a funeral. I took a photo of them lined up, and the image confirms this new insight. Is it a kind of deeper understanding? Or is it only a new association for a new turn in my writing about the things? Whatever – it is an intriguing turn. Lately I have been struggling with trying to animate the trivial things in my mind – to produce some kind of meaning or some understanding of the insignificance of their being. That is what I call the Magic Eyes approach. Parallell to that I follow the Gut Feelings approach – saying ”these things are as dead as dead can be” – absolutely inanimate and useless. So maybe this door in my thinking that opened this morning is the proof (?) – or a testimony (?) – or clue (?) – that my intuition is winning over my fantasy. What is the competition? I don’t know yet. Anyway, the word ’coffin’ helps pushing my writing about the Caspian Sea things forward.