The Lady Books I

In autumn 2017 I completed my first themed miniature books – the Lady Books (Tantböcker) – when creating the text I used a very strict frame –  words with four letters only – restrained writing – each book portrays a character: The Wild Lady (Vild Tant), the Party Lady (Fest Tant), the Grief Lady (Sorg Tant), the Away Lady (Iväg Tant), The River Lady (Flod Tant), The Loose Lady (Lätt Tant), The Mean Lady (Snål Tant), The Cunning Lady (Slug Tant).

All books were on display at the University Library of the Arts in Gothenburg in November 2017 – in connection with the Design Festival at HDK-Academy of Design and Crafts – today I see the books as prototypes – or the first version edition –  part of my learning the craft of making miniature books – I have decided to redesign them – keeping the text almost unchanged – I like the four-letter poems – but adding more pages (maybe 80?) with some kind of images.