This project is ongoing but on a low intensity level. I was too optimistic about finding out on my own how to make covered and lined boxes – with and without lids – for my books. I realised (December 2018) that I need to learn from others. This is my next project – to learn. I have started looking for instructions on youtube, and I have found some excellent ones. For the time being my box making is on a very basic learning level, and I better keep my results unpublished.

For my Chat books – the sub-project that is now completed (Sept 2018) – I made one box for each individual book. The miniature book in the cup of my hand is an intimate thing and I wanted the box to feel the same. I first considered making a box with a lid (a box upside-down only slightly wider) but soon realised that the matchbox type was more sympathetic to the trivial contents of the books.┬áThis model consists of a slider and a box. I made several attempts – and mistakes – in search for the satisfactory measurements and constructions. The box I chose to work with has a cardboard core – covered with a paper of my own handmade design (I designed the stamps). The slider is made of a quality cardboard with an impressed texture and the title of the dialogue is printed on the slider front.

The Chat Book boxes.

For my current project – the Caspian Sea things – I needed boxes to display the items of the collection of found objects. After I had categorised and found a relevant order to the trivial things I took measurements and made eight individually fitted boxes, covered them with a simple brown wrapping paper and lined the bottom with a thin layer of plastic foam sheet.

Caspian Sea things in a box.