Project Archive

Exhibition in the little Project room at Nääs Konsthantverk, Nääs Slott, Floda in July-Aug 2019. Five shelves were made for the purpose of displaying my five books: Dissertation, Murmuring Ceilings, Deep Space Suite, Chat Books and Lady Books. A video showed excerpts from the books. Some books were also showing open spreads, but unfortunately viewers could not pick up books and turn pages.

A Miniature Dissertation on the Enigma of Insignificance, written in a minuscule hand. Some twenty years ago I brought back a few odd things – totally insignificant – from a trip to the Caspian Sea. In 2019 I began to study them in detail to try and understand what insignificance could mean. The things were: two twigs, two pieces of plastic, two stones, a coin, a plastic toy, some cockle shells, a clay disc, and three pieces of wood. I made boxes to display the things. I made three small notebooks where I drafted – also in minuscule handwriting – the dissertation text and images. Size: 47×53 mm. Pages: 160. One copy only.

Deep Space Suite and slipcases. I have always been fascinated by the cosmos and our endeavour to explore it. This is a story based on four fantasy themes. It is a visual story without plot and captions. All images are vector graphic drawing. The slipcase is wrapped with a short introductory text. Size: 36×62 mm, 160 pages. Digital print. Three copies.

Murmuring Ceilings (Takmummel) contains my trivial reflections when staring at the ceilings in my house. The book combines text pages and simple line drawings. Size: 50×40 mm, 128 pages. Digital print. Three copies.

The eight Chat Books (Prat-böcker). In 2018 I wrote eight small trivial dialogues between You and Me, one for each book. The themes were: Nonsens (Strunt), Ball (Boll), Ghost (Spöke), Silence (Tyst), Small (Små), Space (Rymd), Point (Punkt), End (Slut). The books contain only text. Words are stamped on the pages using a printing kit for children, each word composed of tiny rubber types. A nerve-racking work. The cover paper on each case is hand painted, and each book got its own little box (matchbox type). Size: 35×45 mm, 160 pages. One copy only.

The Lady Books. I made eight different stories about the lead character (the Lady). Each story is told in a verse composed of 31 words with only four letters each. Later I added a second verse composed in the same way. Interspersed with the word pages are simple line drawings made from just one black line of a uniform thickness. I added red blobs by hand. The first edition had only 48 pages. The second was extended to enhance the appearance of a real book. For the third edition I only made three of the eight stories: Evil Lady (Grym tant), Sad Lady (Sorg tant) and Party Lady (Fest tant). Size: 33×43 mm, 112 pages.