The Caspian Sea

I have kept 16 odd and useless things in a box for 19 years. Totally forgotten until recently (Sept 2018). My intention is to make and write a little book about them, because they are so trivial and I want to find out why on earth I still keep them. And why I am fascinated by the trivial. I found the things on a beach by the Caspian Sea on the northern coast of Iran in 1999. So far I have made simple boxes for the things so that I can look at them in an orderly way, as if they were on show. I have also tried out a design for the little book. The text on the pages will be hand written and I will add quite many illustrations to the 96 pages – or maybe 112 pages.

At the moment I am struggling with the writing, I push the words around and hope for the best. I use different approaches in the investigation of the trivial things: the analytic mind, the magic eye and gut feeling. I feel lost now because it seems as if the writing splits into two paths: the report on the investigation which is more analytic and reflective and the text that wants to probe the imagination. Is it possible to combine them?

writing notes with a miniature hand

Recently (late Oct 2018) I decided to make three (so far) miniature note books of the same size as the planned final book. My intention is to write in a miniature hand – at the same time refine my hand for the production of the final book. Maybe the minuscule hand will restrain my writing? Keep it simple? Short? I have started the first notebook which will contain my close and direct observations of the trivial things. I have already scrutinised one piece of plastic, four cockle shells and two twigs. Quite interesting! And that is why I think that the insignificance that I am trying to unravel will disappear – for the obvious reason that I am looking at these things with interest.