Exhibition July-Aug 2019

The exhibition shows the five projects on the Insignificance theme. I have named the exhibition: I projektrummet inget särskiltIn the project room nothing special. The project room refers to the little room beside the Gallery Space at Nääs Konsthantverk, Nääs Slott, Floda where the exhibition is showing from July 6 to Sept 1, 2019.

The size of the room is perfect for my small objects. I designed five display shelves for each project, and assigned a special colour for each one. A small sign above each shelf presents the project. A video is showing selected parts of the book contents – spread by spread.

The Lady Books edition II and III

The Lady Books (112 pages)- 8 different titles. First edition 2017 had only 48 pages and a single verse composed of words with only four letters. In 2018 I added simple vector graphics. In the third edition I added new verses redesigned the layout. Print on ordinary copy paper. Covers wrapped with digital printouts, back spine stamped by hand.

The Chat Books (left) and Deep Space Suite

The Chat Books (80 pages) – 8 different titles. Each book contains an unassuming dialogue between a You and a Me. Words are stamped with toy letters on handmade paper. Wrapping on covers are individual ink drawings. Boxes are covered with hand-stamped paper. The Deep Space Suite (128 pages) is about a tiny probe travelling through interstellar space. There is no text, only images (vector graphics). A short introduction is printed on the slipcase and the four themes of the images are presented: Ground Control Prelude, Cosmic Chorus, Beat in Orbit, Nebulous Fantasy.

Ceiling books (left) and the Dissertation

Four identical copies of Takmummel (Ceiling murmurs) 128 pages are displayed on the sky-blue shelf. The text portrays my insignificant thoughts when staring at the ceiling. Text and images are printed on nicotine stained paper. The Miniature ‘Dissertation’ on the Enigma of Insignificance is displayed together with the unremarkable and mundane Caspian Sea things together with the Note Books and Draft that led to the final dissertation – written by hand in a minuscule script and only in one copy – to express the insignificance of the whole project.