Deep Space Suite

The Voyager probes – no 1 and no 2 – launched in 1977 and now about to leave our solar system for interstellar space is the initial inspiration for my project. I have always been fascinated by cosmology and the sublime experience of thinking about our position on planet Earth in relation to the universe. Deep Space Suite is a visual meditation on the insignificance of the human existence from the point of view of cosmos.

The book contains 128 pages – size 63×34 mm. No text. Only black-and-white vector graphic images representing four different visual themes – Ground Control Prelude, Nebulous Fantasy, Beat in Orbit and Cosmic Chorus. The themes are primarily based on visual aesthetics instead of depicting a content. I have made an edition of 4 books, but each copy is a little different from the other. When composing the signatures of the bookblocks I have picked the 4-page-folios randomly. The overall impression is still the same though.

The case is wrapped with black cloth with tiny glittering specks. Endpapers are black. Instead of having a text title on the front I have made for each book a slipcase wrapped with a black-and-white printout with a text introducing the idea of the book. The title is inspired by musical suites consisting of a collection of freestanding parts or voices.

The project was completed 12 March 2019.