Murmuring Ceilings

The idea surfaced one morning in bed when I was staring at the ceiling above me. It appeared to me as quite an insignificant object, something I usually don’t pay attention to. I took some photos and they revealed just empty space, maybe some trimming and one or two items of the room’s content. I started to write (in Swedish) spontaneous and light-hearted notes about my ceilings that reflected the kind of anonymous presence they have in my life. I soon found a frame for my writing that would restrain it – clicking away on my mobile phone for exactly ten minutes – then immediately editing the text on my computer using a more comfortable keyboard writing. When editing I used most of the words collected in the original text but I rearranged them in a more satisfying composition. My aim was to arrive at a kind of text that was absolutely insignificant – not claiming anything – a soft murmur. The title of the book is Takmummel – Murmuring Ceilings. 128 pages.

I made very simple line drawings (vector graphics) based on the photos to accompany the text. The text is divided into eight short departments with images separating them. I found some A4 sheets to print on, the paper being stained by nicotine a long time ago – unpleasant smell when printed but the yellowish tint is appropriate for the insignificant content, I think. The cover boards are wrapped with ordinary water colour paper. It resembles the surface of the ceilings in my house. I stamped the title on the cover with my toy types.

This book was made in 4 copies, completed April 2019.