About the project

This project is about exploring small sizes, insignificant subjects, constrained techniques of writing texts and making images. I am the creator of content, form and the material outcome which gives me the opportunity to study and manipulate the balance between these aspects. But most important in my project is the joy of creating, the unfolding of the artistic process and engaging mind and body in the crafts of writing, drawing and book binding.
For more than thirty years I worked as a graphic designer alongside teaching design at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. Now I have come to a point in life that allows me to follow my own path of curiosity and fun. The miniature book project was born in 2017 out of some earlier projects in writing and typography, and some chance circumstances (one was a small workshop I attended led by a miniature artists).

I live and work in Tollered, 35 km east of Gothenburg, Sweden.