About the project

I have worked as a graphic designer for more than thirty years – mainly producing visual identities, magazine designs, book designs and info-graphics. I have also been teaching design for the last fifteen years at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg.

Now I have come to a point in life that finally allows me to follow my own path of curiosity and fun. The miniature book project was born recently (autumn 2017) out of some earlier projects in writing and typography, and some chance circumstances (one was a small workshop I attended led by a miniature artists) that nudged it into shape.

I have a longstanding interest in exploring the materiality of written language practice – specifically how the material circumstances influence the practice of text composition, and the production of text as visual artefacts (handwritten as well as typographic). My exploration has always been both conceptual and practical, philosophical and artistic, and this project will continue to integrate the thinking with the artistic making.