Looking back overview

A side effect of remaking my website is the comprehensive overview I got of what I have achieved. So far in 2020 I have completed six different books and started on a new promising track, which is still an early day experiment (Expanded Book). Four books are completed (Corona, Bare Feet, Squared Rhymes and Square Song). Flight/Flykt and Inside Talk are prototypes that I will continue working on, possibly making series of books. I also collected the older books from 2019 and 2018 on one single page (Project Archive). Adding one image for each book with a short description on the side. Six items all together, five different books plus the exhibition 2019. When browsing through my library of images from the last three-four years I also discover a few other books – or rather tryouts. Bookbinding experiments, ideas for story telling or image making. 

Since the summer of 2017 when I made my first tiny doll house books I have achieved a few things. And there seems to be some kind of key idea – or key methodology – running through the work. I am happy about the confirmation that the project still has meaning and depth. Otherwise I would have abandoned it long ago.