Imitation or the Real Thing

My first little books are imitations of books. I have only emulated the craft of handmade books. Unaware  that I was actually doing so. This insight has dawned on me later in the project when realising that my technique and my tools were not adquate for the design I wanted to achieve. I also had to give up my principle of only using what I already had at hand in my house – tools and papers. It was the challenge of making a clamshell box for an old book that started the reconsideration of what I was doing. My first naive attempt was to emulate a box based on no knowledge at all about boxmaking. It was a total failure. I then woke up from my ignorance and searched for and found instructional videos, I bought board, paper and real bookbinder tools. Now I am on a new path of learning to do the real thing.

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