A book about a troublesome creative process. This was not my intention from the start. Already in autumn 2019 I began composing a visual story in 12 chapters, each with a title on two words – the only text accompanying the imagery. The visual rule I set up for the creation of images was to use a single square element (4,5×4,5 mm) that was restricted to repetitions and movements of 5 mm steps in a rectilinear grid. In this manner I built my story but the result was a disappointment. I had to rethink the story and the concept of the whole book. I decided to add the story of the creative process that was unfolding simultaneously as marginalia in the top corner of each right hand page. It tells about my failures and possible solutions. One was the possibility of using the see-through effects of the paper, which became one of the key features of the book. The original visual story, amended and transformed, is still the main the content. Each of the twelve chapters still has a two-word title, and I added one line of text to fill out the story. In the end I think the concept of the book is too complex. In February 2020 the book was finally completed. I made two copies and a box for one of them. This is the biggest book I have made so far and it is not a miniature book – but still a small one. Size: 105×100 mm, 128 pages.