Exhibition of insignificance

The show is on. It is public. Are my little books published now? What does it mean to be published? The books are available, but not completely. Available to look at from the outside. But not for reading. Which is unfortunate. I have made a video that show some of the content, but only a fraction. I regret that I can’t let visitors take up and read my books. They are too fragile, I fear. This will have to be a future challenge to resolve. I made a transcript of the ’dissertation’ so that those who are interested can read the text. But that is not like reading that tiny book with miniscule handwriting. Experiencing one of my books in its totality – content, form, matter – can only happen through reading the actual handmade book – holding it in your hand, opening it, turning the tiny pages, closing the book. When reflecting on my show at this moment I consider it a failure in this respect, and a small success in another. I am satisfied with the thematic design, the display shelves, the colour scheme, the signs presenting each project.